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Joining Physician Assistant Schools

Joining Physician Assistant Schools

There are many ways through which an individual can pursue a career in medicine. Most people know of medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists. There is however another important group of medical professionals known as physician assistants. These medical professionals are mandated to provide treatment for illness and injuries while under the supervision of a licensed physician. In some countries they are also known as clinical officers, assistant medical officers or clinical associates. Their roles include conducting physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, assisting in surgeries, issuing prescriptions, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests and providing medical advice and counseling.

From the job description provided, it is quite obvious that the physician assistant can undertake most of the roles that a physician is required to handle. There is a difference however since the physician assistant though having autonomy to make decisions, is required to work under the supervision of a physician. This means frequent consultation and communication with the physician in charge. Physician assistants are found in all kinds of medical institutions where they are expected to be the assistants of the physician.

To undertake a career with such huge responsibility requires quality training that will equip the student with the skills and knowledge required to competently support a physician. Physician assistant schools are there to provide the necessary training which covers almost all areas of medical practice. To enroll for the programs offered in these schools will require excellent grades as the course is highly attractive and thus admission id highly competitive.

An overall GPA of at least 3.3 is the minimal score required to join most physician assistant schools. Each candidate is also expected to have very good GPA in natural science subjects as well as GRE General Test scores.

In addition to the academic qualifications required, anyone joining physician assistant schools will also need to have the right personality. While some may be drawn into the career due to its prestige and reputation, a physician assistant must have compassion and a willingness to help those who need medical care. Working as a physician assistant also demands working long and odd hours with occasional interruptions to holidays or days off when emergencies arise. In addition to all of these, a physician assistant must be ready to deal with death which will inevitably occur at various times during their careers. Before enrolling into physician assistant schools it is therefore necessary to make sure that you are willing and able to deal with all of these demands and any others that might arise.

Most people joining physician assistant schools will often come from a medical background and include professionals such as nurses, paramedics and medical technicians. These candidates will in many cases have the advantage of previous medical training and work experience. This however does not mean that those without experience or training in other fields of medicine do not stand a chance. Having excellent academic qualifications will also get you into physician assistant schools. However those who are working in a medical profession will find taking the courses easier and for them, online physician assistant schools will work just fine.

There are many sites about online distance learning. If you like to learn at your own pace and looking for physician assistant program definitely you browse at about-elearning.com

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4 of the Best Physician Assistant Schools in the Country

4 of the Best Physician Assistant Schools in the Country

The health care profession of physician assistant was ranked as second best job in the United States during the year 2009. Its very important to attend the right PA schools, especially the ones that have accreditation because of the fact that you can’t receive your certification if you don’t attend a physician assistant school that has received its accreditation. Before we get into the four best PA schools in the country, its important that you know to apply early and make sure that you meet the requirements and pre-requisites to gain admission. Here are the best schools that have great PA programs.

The University of Iowa – The PA program that is offered here at the University of Iowa is very different from the ones that offered at other universities. The curriculum that is from this university is unique on account of the fact that it is specifically designed to have all aspiring PA students complete at least or more than 60% of their didactic curriculum with the aid of medical students who are sophomores.

The University of Duke – Duke University has a school of medicine that is very innovative. In fact, it is so innovative that it has a new learning center that is going to be the first new facility that is dedicated to teaching medical students. It has been doing this since 1930 and its all been being done in the Davison Building. The health care profession of physician assistant first started at Duke University in the 1960s. The PA program that is offered from this university is affiliated with CASPA otherwise known as the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants. So in order to gain admission into Duke University’s PA program you are going to have to complete and fill out a CASPA application and also a Duke supplemental application and they’re going to have to pass the interview phase of the application process.


The University of Emory – This university was founded in 1836, and Emory’s PA program is a full fledged accredited PA program. It has received its accreditation from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education of the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) and it has also gotten its accreditation from SACS through the School of Medicine to grant the Master of Medical Science.

The University of George Washington – This university was founded in the year 1821, and here in 2011 it is the District of Columbia’s largest education institution. The program has also been accredited by the ARC-PA.

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Here are the Top Schools for Your Physician Assistant Education

Here are the Top Schools for Your Physician Assistant Education

Since you have gone and made the great decision to seek admission into a physician assistant program, what’s important now is that you decide to get into a good school that will without a doubt make sure that you get all you need for your new decided career. Here are some of the best educational institutions for you to get yourself in to for your physician assistant education. The university of Iowa is a phenomenal school that is offering aspiring applicants a great physician assistant program.

Their program is different on account of the fact that it has been specifically created so that it allows students to be able to finish more than half of their spoken curriculum with their fellow medical students who are already sophomores. The university of Duke is another phenomenal school that has a great PA program for applicants and their physician assistant program is split into two sections.

The first part of their PA program will have students doing their necessary coursework while the second phase will have them doing actual hands on clinical work while they are supervised by a physician assistant and their professors. The physician assistant program that is offered at Emory university is another educational institution that has a great PA program. Their PA program lasts for 28 months and it will have students doing tasks that set them as the primary health care provider and later they will be focusing on how to assist the physician.

Their physician assistant program is splint up into three different phases in which the first is them doing didactic work, the second is going to be them doing hands on clinical work, and the third is more of a advanced phase.

The next educational institution that has an absolute great physician assistant program is the George Washington University because it gives students the option of two different graduate level programs in which the first lasts for two years and the second lasts for three years as more of a joint program.

The next best thing about GWU’s PA program is that students will be doing medical community service that has been recognized on a national level. Another great school is the University of Texas Southwestern medical center that is in the city of Dallas and their physician assistant program has four different semesters in which it has another added semester that will have them doing actual hands on clinical work.

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