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Nurse Practitioner Programs in Alaska

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Alaska

Nurse practitioners or, ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioners as better known in Alaska) are governed by a number of nursing boards. Nurse Practitioners enjoy a sense of more job security than any other job post in the State. This is due to the shortage of the nursing staff in America. Nurse practitioners are the primary care physicians who provide you with the basic treatment. They are skilled and have a great deal of patience and speculating skills as a therapeutic listener which bolsters for the requirements of a sound Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners can do specialization in many fields such as neonatal nurse practitioners (NCC). They also have the freedom to work in many fields such as:

•  Sports Medicine
•  Occupation Health
•  Neurology
•  And most popular nowadays ‘Retail Clinic’

It doesn’t matter which filed you are opting for the basic requirements and duties are same for Nurse Practitioners as a Physician Assistant. Nurse practitioners can do private practice and have their own independent Clinic but for this to happen, Nurse practitioners, or, the Advanced Nurse Practitioners, have to work for at least 2 years under the supervision of a Physician. The demand and job security can be assured by having a look at the Nurse Facility Shortage Fact Sheet. You will be a Nurse practitioner only after you have completed and passed a degree of Masters’ of Science or as in the earlier time in Alaska, if you have a certification of Nurse Practitioner. The rules for graduation as a Nurse Practitioner are not as simple as they were at the time of Nurse Practitioner Shortage Crisis.

The average salary of a Nurse Practitioner across Alaska is $ 89,450 with a median value of $ 103000.

An inquisitive fact about the Nurse Practitioners in Alaska is the 23% growth rate in jobs at the end of the near decade. Nurse Practitioner is a 2-year training program. You can get enrolled in campus driven as well as online training program. Here is the name of some universities that offer online courses in Alaska:

•  University of Cincinnati
•  South University
•  Philadelphia University
•  Liberty University
•  Saint Joseph’s College of Main Online Division of Graduate & Professional Studies
•  Groveland University.

The main certification boards in Alaska are the AMCB (American Midwifery Certification Board), ANCC (American Nurse Credentialing Center), AANP (American Academy for Nurse Practitioners), and NCC etc. These boards offer certification in many courses. Each board is directed toward a particular goal that eventually leads to growth in Nurse Practitioner Programs and graduates. Fee Structure of Nurse Practitioner Program:

•  Application- $ 50
•  Authorization- $ 60
•  Prescriptive authority- $ 50
•  Controlled substances application- $ 50
•  Temporary permit- $ 50
•  Biennial renewal- $ 60

Nurse Practitioner Jobs And You

Nurse Practitioner Jobs And You
So you think you want to obtain the education to become and then search for nurse practitioner jobs. The first thing you must realize is you will have to become a registered nurse. After completing your nursing education then and only then can you continue your education and become a nurse practitioner.

Some of the questions that you will want to answer are where these jobs might be avaiable. You will also be interested in the pay that a nurse parctitioner will make. You will also need to determine which sectors you may wish to work in. These questions can be answered by doing good research. Most of this reserach can be done via the internet and really is quite easy to do. If the interest is there this should not be a problem.

Nurse practitionor jobs can be found almost anywhere. One of the fastest growing areas is that of priveate practice. If you choose to follow this trend you will be working closely with a doctor in the area you select. You probably will work in preoperative cases following the instruction of the doctor you work with. You might find yourself working in primary care or even any number of other specialized fields.

A few of the specialized fields include but are not limited to out patient care providing follow up treatments, working within a hospital usually in a superviors position, or even in a nursing home. Employment aspects are excellent in long term care facilities where you would be treating specfic patients requiring specfic treatments. Another area that will open up for you would be that of education.

You may also be interested in providing community service by planning and organizing blood drives. Along with this you may find yourself working with diabetics in both treatment and education. You may also be interested in forming a smoking cessation program to assit those who smoke and wish to stop. This in itself can be very rewarding.

There are certain requirements to becoming a NP. The first is you must obtain a Bachelor’s of Science from an accredited school of nursing. All practitioners must earn their masters in nursing while some will go on to earn their doctorate. Here it must be understood that your education is the all important key to becoming a NP.

The need for practitioners is very high. It is reported that this need has tripled over the past few years. Becuase of this the field is wide open and is looking for those nurses who are willing to obtain the additional education to fill the open spots. Many home care facilities are willing to pay top dollar to add additional nurse practitioners to their payroll.

As you continue to research nurse practitioner jobs you will begin to see that this may very well be a perfect career choice for you. Make sure you find an accredited school to earn you BS in nursing and have the opportunity to earn you masters from the same school or another. The jobs are there all you have to do is earn your degree to find them.

Health care has always been a solid industry that is looking for knowledgeable and educated individuals for opportunities for physician assistant jobs and nurse practitioner jobs.

Practice Opportunities For Nurse Practitioners

Practice Opportunities For Nurse Practitioners

Are you a Nurse Practitioner looking for a new practice opportunity? There are strategies you can use to help you locate the perfect job for you.

Nurse Practitioner employment opportunities can be found almost anywhere. However, private practices constitute the fastest growing segment in terms of new nursing jobs. This type of position will find you working hand in hand with a local doctor, providing primary care or even specialized care. Nurse Practitioners can specialize in a number of fields and lend their expertise and assistance to doctors practicing in those areas.

Some areas in which NPs can specialize include preoperative nursing, diabetes management, dermatology, geriatric nursing and an amazing number of other specialized disciplines.

You will find that in addition to the area of private practice, you can also find jobs in a wide range of other settings. For instance, you might be employed in home healthcare, providing vital treatment and advice to homebound patients. You might find yourself working in an outpatient facility, helping to treat patients. Other venues include working within hospitals and clinics, within nursing care homes and long-term residential facilities, as well as within the education sector.

Quite a few Nurse Practitioners go on to become educators, as well as organizing and operating blood drives and other community service oriented initiatives

You’ll find that the requirements for employment include several years within an accredited college or university. Nurse Practitioners must have at least a master’s degree, though some do go on to attain their doctorate, as well. In addition, NPs must have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing to enter the course of study, which requires additional study at another school.

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Achieving A Nurse Practitioner Education

Achieving A Nurse Practitioner Education
Pursuing a nurse practitioner education presents an opportunity for a working nurse to advance his or her career.

What do they do?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has a specialized graduate education, a minimum of a master’s degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, NP’s “diagnose and treat acute, episodic, or chronic illness, independently or as part of a healthcare team.” Some of these healthcare workers might focus on promoting healthy behaviors which can prevent disease. They also order diagnostic patient tests like lab work and X-rays, then perform these tests and interpret the results for the patient.

Where do they work?

Today, many health insurance companies are allowing NP’s to serve as primary care providers, meaning that they can see patients just as a physician would. NP’s are not taking the place of doctors, but are seeing the surplus of patients that doctors are unable to see, and treating patients with less-serious, minor illnesses and injuries. They often work in hospitals, schools, physician’s offices, or any other location where a doctor might work. Some states allow NP’s to work in their own facilities, if they can prove that they have an agreement with a physician who will accept referrals.

What nurse practitioner education is necessary?

A nurse practitioner is required to have a minimum of a master’s degree, and many go on to pursue a doctorate degree. Becoming a registered nurse requires an associate’s (ASN) or bachelor’s degree (BSN), and successful completion of licensure exams. There are some accelerated programs available for working nurses with an ASN to earn their master’s degree, but otherwise, a nurse must first obtain a BSN before enrolling in a master’s degree program.

What’s the advantage?

By becoming a nurse practitioner, a nurse is qualified to take on higher-level responsibilities and to earn a comparably higher salary. NP’s function similarly to doctors and are financially rewarded for having achieved a higher-level and more specializednurse practitioner education.

Emily writes about Online Education for University-bound.com – a resource site for those interested in earning a degree online.

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Arizona

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Arizona

Nurse Practitioners refer to the supervising staff on the head of RN (Registered Nurse). They are the highly educated, certified, personalized nursing staff members. Nurse Practitioner programs in Arizona, the desert land, offer a vivid variety of courses:
•  Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Family Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Women’s health Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Programs
•  Nurse Midwifery Program
•  Clinical Nurse Specialist Program
•  Public Health Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Oncology Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Each of the courses has a different clinical training time that is 720 to 810 hours. Nurse Practitioners work in a collaborative environment that is caring for patients. There are a number of accreditation councils or boards that accredit the universities for Nurse Practitioner Programs. Nurse Practitioner Programs are typically of 2 years duration. NCAC (North Central Association of College), SHLC (School High Learning Commission), NCEC and CCNE are the various accreditation councils in Arizona. The Arizona programs have shown conformable results and provided unabated nurse practitioner training curriculum. The various courses can confound any person but the training courses are specialized for meliorating the skills of a Nurse Practitioner in a particular specialty. One could measly imagine what it would be without the presence of the Nurse Practitioners and these training programs.

The salary of the family nurse practitioners and other diagnosis experts is more than $ 15000 per year in Arizona.

It is considered that by 2015, the nurse practitioner programs will be doctorate level programs.

Steps for becoming a Nurse Practitioner:-

•  You must have completed the Registered Nurse training course and must have cleared the RN certification Exam.
•  Your license as a RN must not be expired.
•  You must have a Certification provided by a National Certifying Organization. The organization must be recognized by the Arizona Board of Nursing.
•  You must obtain a Master’s degree or obtain a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from one of the accredited programs in Arizona.
•  After submission of the complete documents, your name will be registered in the State Nurse Aide registry by the State Nursing Board.

There are five universities in Arizona that provide the Nurse Practitioner Courses:
•  Arizona State University.
•  Northern Arizona University.
•  Grand Canyon University.
•  The University of Arizona.
•  University of Phoenix.

Currently, there are more than 3500 Nurse Practitioners in the state of Arizona. The overall number of Nurse Practitioners is 135000 as in 2010. University of Colorado’s School of Nursing was the first university to offer a Masters’ degree in Nursing. Expenses for a NP program in Arizona are approximately $ 610 per credit hour.

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Arkansas

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Arkansas

Nurse practitioners are specified as CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners) after they have completed a 2-year masters’ degree program form an accredited program in Arkansas. There are a number of specialization fields in Master’s program in Nursing. You can opt for a neonatal nursing program, adult care program, family nurse program, or, an oncology nursing program. There are some other training programs also. The degrees that you will get after the completion of the 2 year program may be:-
•  DNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice) Post-Baccalaureate
•  DNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice) Post-Graduate
•  BSN-DNP in specialized field.
The basic difference between a post graduate and post-baccalaureate graduation is that you do not need any nurse practitioner specialty training before the post graduation program. Nurse practitioners can do private practice and have their own independent Clinic but for this to happen, Nurse practitioners, or, the Advanced Nurse Practitioners, have to work for at least 2 years under the supervision of a Physician. Nurse practitioners are very skilled and hedged towards their work. They have a lot of responsibilities including:-

•  Examination/ Diagnosis of Patient.
•  Providing Health Education.
•  Act as a primary care Physicians.
•  Do health assessment.
•  Refers to proper healthcare providers.
•  Illness prevention.
•  Illness management.
To support the Nurse Practitioner program in Arkansas, Arkansas Nursing Graduate Student Loan scheme has been launched. To apply for a NP program the minimum age criteria is 21 years and you must be holding a Bachelor degree in science or equivalent. You must have completed the Registered Nurse training course and must have cleared the RN certification Exam. Also, you must have a Certification provided by a National Certifying Organization. The organization must be recognized by the Arizona Board of Nursing. If you have the desire to work hard and are capable of achieving a Masters’ degree and fulfill the requirements, then you can avail the benefits of the loan scheme for the nursing graduation. Nobody can auspicate the illness but the Nurse practitioners with loads of experience can help in recovering from any illness.  The average salary of a Nurse Practitioner in Arkansas is not same everywhere. It depends on the population of that area and the competition factor also. The average salary in Fayetteville region is $ 76,229 whereas in the Little Rock region, the average salary is $ 81,180. The various universities that provide the Nursing masters’ Degree in Arkansas are:-
•  UAMS, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
•  University of Central Arkansas
•  Graceland University
•  Philadelphia University
•  South University-School of Health Profession
•  Georgetown University-School of Nursing & Health Studies
•  Spring Arbor University
•  Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing.

Working As A Nurse Practitioner

Working As A Nurse Practitioner

We are seeing more and more Nurse Practitioners when we visit the doctor now. You may be wondering why that is the case. To put it simply a Nurse Practitioner can do most of what the physician can do when it comes to treating colds, sore throats, flu etc and it is a lower cost provider so it saves the system money.

You may be wondering how do you become an NP and what would you do if you were an NP. Most nurse practitioners work in hospitals or medical centers, like registered nurses. There, they’ll be responsible for a number of general nursing duties, which are duties completed by nurses of all educational levels. These duties include gathering patient histories, working with doctors to order diagnostic tests, and performing routine examinations. Nurses may also be in charge of tasks such as taking blood, checking vital signs, delivering meals, and maintaining records, though many times, these duties are left to lower-level nurses, rather than to nurse practitioners.

A nurse practitioner can act as the primary caregiver when a doctor isn’t available. In some states, nurse practitioners must work in collaboration with a doctor, but in other states, this isn’t required. That means that you could even open your own practice as a nurse practitioner in some locations. With a nurse practitioner program, you’ll specialize in one area of medicine, like oncology or orthopedics, so the care you give specifically depends on your specialty.

With any medical facility, there’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed. As a nurse practitioner, you’ll be responsible for maintain patient records and writing reports, among other things. This might be one of the most boring parts of your day, but it is also one of the most important, as incorrect paperwork can lead to dangerous drug interactions, an incorrect diagnosis, and other patient mix ups.

It takes hard work and years of school to become a Nurse Practitioner but if you have what it takes it can be a very rewarding career.

Find PA Jobs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioner Jobs, PA Jobs Nationwide and Clinical Nurse Specialists With Our Nationwide Clients. Litton Resource Group work with leading medical institutions and physician groups across the country and are able to leverage our relationships to get our candidates the advanced practice job that best matches their career goals.

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Alabama

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Alabama

Nurse Practitioners are known by various names all over the nation. CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner), APRN (Advanced Practical Registered Nurse) and APPN (Advanced Practical Professional Nurse) are simply the names given to nurse practitioners in various states. Nurse Practitioners are highly skilled professionals and are permitted to give medication to the patients. Nurse practitioners can practice independently and carry on their own clinics. Nurse Practitioners need to work in collaboration with a physician before they can apply for private clinics.

The duration of nurse practitioner programs in Alabama is 24 months which includes 600-700 hours of clinical training. Nurse Practitioners can do specialization in many fields, such as- Neonatal nurse, Adult care, Family nurse, Gerontology, Midwifery nurse, Psychology and many more. Alabama Nursing board approves only four of these categories which are:
•  Clinical Nurse Specialist
•  Certified Nurse Midwife
•  Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

•  Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

The average salary of a Nurse practitioner in Alabama is $ 96000 per year. The salary may vary depending on various factors including the region in which you are practicing as a Nurse Practitioner and the population density of that region. There are more than 1800 registered nurse practitioners in the State of Alabama. Alabama offers two different career pathways for advanced nursing practice. You can either enroll in a master’s degree or you can apply for a doctor’s degree.

Eligibility Criteria for Nurse Practitioner Programs:-

•  You must be 21 years or older.
•  You must hold a completed Registered Nurse certification and license.
•  Your graduation GPA must be 3.0 or above.
•  Clinical experience is required.
•  You need to attend certain courses prior to your choice of the specialization field.
•  Computer literacy and a transcript of college record.
•  2-3 letters of recommendation and a physical assessment test is conducted.
•  A GRE/MAT test is mandatory.
•  A background/ felony check is also done.

The licensure holds for two years duration and then a recertification is mandatory to continue your practice as a Nurse Practitioner. There are various online as well as campus based training programs. There is a wide disparity in the course fee. Online training programs are much cheaper than the regular campus based training schools. Some of the training Universities that offer online and campus based training programs for a nurse practitioner course are listed as under:-

•  University of South Alabama
•  University of North Alabama
•  University of Mobile
•  Troy University
•  The University of Alabama in Huntsville
•  The University of Alabama at Birmingham
•  Springhill University
•  Jacksonville state University
•  Stamford University

Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Travel nurse practitioner jobs are unique opportunities for NPs to serve the society. Nurse practitioners (NP) can specialize in countless disciplines and some of these include emergency, acute care and traveling NP responsibilities. The travel NP basically performs services for a healthcare facility at short notice from the recruitment center, when there is a sudden shortage of permanent staff. The functions of a nurse practitioner being indispensable, travel NPs are always in demand in hospitals, primary care centers as well as other institutions. When one NP suddenly leaves, the need for a replacement is generally met by the travel NP.

Qualities of a Travel Nurse Practitioner

The expertise of a nurse practitioner can be felt by a healthcare center more by hiring permanent staff, but when the need arises the call does go out to a travel NP. The travel NP should therefore possess the skills to quickly adjust to a new environment and perform. The job also demands the willingness and ability to relocate to a new town, city or environment at a short notice.

With greater experience the travel NP performs the tasks better and displays a greater understanding of the situation. The priceless qualities of dedication and hard work are also vital characteristics. Some of the positive elements of the job are the excitement of traveling and gaining varied experiences. Many of these experiences are memorable and the immense satisfaction of touching the lives of patients and families through dedicated care is unmatched.

Great Opportunities Opened up by Healthcare Staffing Firms

Healthcare recruitment firms provide professionals with lucrative job opportunities in various healthcare concerns in the US. These include travel nurse practitioner jobs as well. Candidates signing up with a healthcare staffing company will be screened and their skills analyzed through innovative Web-based methods. Theyll be helped through all the procedures by the staffing concern.

The staffing concern informs candidates of the most appropriate travel nurse practitioner jobs that would satisfy some of their individual preferences, while healthcare organizations can get the right candidates to fill their temporary positions.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs – TheraKare, a professionally managed healthcare staffing company makes available a variety of travel nurse job staffing, as well as provisional and permanent placement opportunities in various clinical settings.

Nurse Practitioner Employment Opportunities

Nurse Practitioner Employment Opportunities

Get to know of exciting and rewarding nurse practitioner employment opportunities through a strong relationship with a health care staffing firm.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses who have at least a master’s degree in nursing. They are trained to treat many common medical conditions and are known to offer personalized care through medical treatment as well as a psychological and holistic approach.

Holistic Care by Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner may not be trained in the medical model as a physician assistant, but what sets the NP apart is the close relationship established with the patient and the family, the benefits of which are experienced by the individual in the short-term and long-term. An NP can not only, at times, depending on the law of the concerned state, replace the care of the physician, but also be more like a friend, helping the patient and the family to fight the medical condition not only by medication and expensive treatment but also by adopting a better lifestyle.

Nurse practitioners also forge strong professional relationships with physicians with whom they usually share office space. But in rural areas and certain healthcare centers, NPs also offer physical care independently. NPs are involved in family practice, pediatrics, women’s health, adult health, emergency medicine and a range of other disciplines in which they specialize.

How a Healthcare Recruiting Firm Helps

Nurse practitioner employment opportunities are available in a wide range of healthcare institutions, from hospitals and nursing homes to primary health centers and rehabilitation centers.

Healthcare recruitment organizations identify the most rewarding and exciting job openings for nurse practitioners depending on their skills, experience and personal preference. Healthcare institutions tying up with a staffing firm get a major load off their back, as a recruiting firm provides innovative recruiting techniques and gets the right candidate to the organization. The latter saves precious resources as the recruiting firm processes hundreds of applications from professionals looking for great nurse practitioner employment opportunities.

Nurse Practitioner Employment – TheraKare, a full-service healthcare staffing company provides reliable medical staffing services to healthcare providers.