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San Jose Oral Surgery Dentistry, Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experts, Oral surgeon

San Jose Oral Surgery Dentists, bestSan jose wisdom teeth extractions dentists/ doctors specialists, San jose Oral Surgeon. Free oral surgery consultation and free extraction consultation. Visit us at www.DrJKim.com to download coupon. Call us at 408-259-2900, Jonathan H. Kim. DDS, Inc. serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, Milpitas. This video shows before and after procedure for oral surgery; wisdom tooth extraction demonstration; wisdom tooth removal surgery; wisdom tooth extraction video; tooth pulling; wisdom tooth pain; wisdom teeth infection; oral surgery procedure; tooth extraction procedure. Painless wisdom tooth extraction and fast !!!!!!! per patient. Oral surgeon, expert teeth extraction dentist, best emergency dentist, top oral surgery dentists. Open 7 days a week for oral surgery and teeth extraction!
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Home Sleep Testing, With Dr. Roger Briggs, Briggs Family Dentistry in Scottdale, Arizona

Dr. Roger Brigss of Briggs Family Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona talks with the Dentist News Network about the advent of complimentary home sleep studies in his practice. At Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, in Scottsdale, Arizona, complimentary home sleep tests are offered to all patients as part of their regular dental check ups. Home sleep studies can help with the very early diagnosis of sleep apnea, which is key to reducing the associated negative health effects, such as heart problems and even cancer. Dr. Roger Briggs has become very interested in obstructive sleep apnea and along with his son, Dr. Bradley Briggs, during a routine dental check up, they look at the back of the throat and soft tissues to determine if a patient is eligible for a home sleep study. By offering it for free, Dr. Briggs feels his patients are more open to the idea of a dentist talking with them about sleep disorders. Dr. Briggs finds this incredibly rewarding because he is extending and improving the quality of life of his patients. Dr. Roger Briggs is with Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, www.briggsfamilydentistry.com, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Briggs is a leading dental expert with Dentist News Network, www.dentistnewsnetwork.com, providing online, on-demand dental news video content across many dental specialties.
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Sedation Dentistry – Differences Between Oral and IV

Sedation Dentistry – Differences Between Oral and IV

What is the difference between oral and IV sedation?

An ABSOLUTE ton!! While I do all forms of sedation in my dental practice, I would much prefer IV over oral sedation. Before I discuss the differences, I will discuss the similarities:

1. Both will put the patient in a more relaxed state with possible “sleepiness”

2. Both will produce some amnesia so that the patient has very little recollection of what happened.

3. Both will dull a patient’s perception of noisy drills, painful injections, and having your mouth open for a long time.

So oral can work roughly the same as IV except:

1. It takes much longer to produce sedation through oral (1 hour to 2 hours) versus IV sedation (3 min to 10 min).

2. Oral can last much longer than needed where IV can end as quickly as the procedure is done so the patient is not incapacitated for the duration of the day.

3. It is much easier to treat an emergency or reverse a sedation with an IV vs oral. In oral sedation, each person will metabolize oral medications differently, so it is difficult to predict what it will take to make the patient comfortable. Also, the patient can be over-sedated with oral sedation and much more difficult to reverse since an IV is not started.

These are significant differences between oral and IV. While oral is an acceptable way to provide relaxation to the patient, IV is more efficient, does not last as long, and is ultimately more safer than other forms of sedation. This is also why the majority of specialists such as oral surgeons use IV sedation as a preferred method of sedation!!

Dr. Mike Glasmeier is a 2004 graduate of the University of Kentucky School of Dentistry. Dr. Mike also completed his undergraduate work at UK receiving a B.S. in Biology. He received additional specialty training in the United States Air Force from 2004-2005 and was a general dentist in Columbus, AFB from 2005-2007 where he treated many students hoping to become future pilots in the Air Force. He provided a vast amount of services to include routine fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, partial dentures, oral surgery, IV sedation, root canals and many other procedures. He can be contacted at http://www.nashvillefirstimpressions.net.