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Physician Assistant: Why Become One

Physician Assistant: Why Become One

Medical practitioners are very in demand profession whether it maybe a nurse, nursing assistant or physician assistant or doctors. The term physician assistant is not a physician per se. they are the ones who are given licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor in the United States. Indeed, a big portion of the jobs needed in the United States is seeking people from health care industry. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a career as an assistant for a physician will definitely find a good job even amidst the recession that the country is experiencing at the moment.

So, what does PA do?

A PA is usually tasked to provide health care services in diagnostic area, preventive health care and therapeutic area as well as other medical assistance that the supervising physician will assign to them in due course. They are also tasked in taking medical histories of a patient as well as perform any physical exam on the patients. They can also order laboratory tests and can interpret results of such tests. They can also diagnose as well as treat patient illnesses and diseases under the supervision of their attending physician. And they can also assist the surgeons in the surgery room. The PA can also treat minor injuries of a patient such as splints, sutures as well as casting broken bones. They can also take notes of the progress of a patient, gives consultations and instructions after being discharged from the hospital such as how to take care of their body while recuperating as well as how they can do their therapy in their homes if needed.

How does one can become a PA?

Usually a PA program is being offered in colleges or universities and sometimes even in community colleges. It generally takes 2 years of study while the requirements as well as prerequisites also vary depending on the locality you are enrolled in as well as the program being offered. However, most of the programs nowadays will require at least 2 years of college as well as some health care experience. However, before you can work as a PA, it is important that you have finished an accredited PA program and passed the board examination for such. Once you have your license, you can now start working in the medical establishment you want.

The perks of becoming a PA

A career as a physician assistant is probably one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States nowadays. And in few years time, this career will become more and more in demand because of the significant shortage of doctors and nurses. The PA id considered to be the fifth best jobs in the United States which reportedly can expect at least to earn $ 65, 000 per year. Furthermore, the salary can also increase depending on the work experience, geographical location and disciplinary record of the PA. As such, those who are living and working as PA in big and progressive cities will generally receive higher rate.

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How to Become a Qualified and Certified Physician Assistant

How to Become a Qualified and Certified Physician Assistant

The medical profession of physician assistant is the third fastest growing career in the world right now according to the Federal Bureau of Labor. This is a career that is going to be high in demand and it just might always remain that way considering the shortage on working doctors in medical institutions around the world right now. PAs help society with their skills in disease prevention, and on their and faster patient treatment.

This is definitely the career to get into. You don’t have to go to medical school for a decade and a half to start working, and you can do most of the tasks that were previously meant only for doctors to perform. This career is creating a lot of different opportunities for other medical professions too with physicians being able to work less with the help of PAs. Assistants work in a variety of medical institutions such as hospitals, private practices, walk in clinics, and nursing homes.

These are the most common but there are many other places. Without a doubt, the PA has been a huge asset to doctors, surgeons and physicians helping them to work more effectively with less stress. This career has a bright and positive outlook, but a physician assistant is still going to face challenges. Here is how to become a qualified PA. The first thing you need to do is get your bachelors degree. Not an associate’s…get a bachelors.

Higher education is the absolute requirement to get accepted into a university’s PA program. It doesn’t matter how much medical experience you may have prior to get the degree, you still need to get your bachelors before you apply to a PA program. Next step is to get into a university either online or on campus.

Make sure the university you get into is accredited, and two good universities that offer great PA programs is the University of Chicago and the University of Drexel. When you get admission into the university’s PA program you will be there for a good 2 to 3 years.

It’ll be full time with the first year dealing with coursework and the next year will have you working clinical rotations being supervised by actual PAs. After you graduate you will have to take the national certification exam that is administered by the AAPA. After you get certified you will still have to take your state licensure exam so that you can start working within your state as a physician assistant.

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Have You Met the Criteria to Become a Physician Assistant?

Have You Met the Criteria to Become a Physician Assistant?

It is absolutely a wise decision to become a physician assistant, but the question is do you meet the criteria to actually be a working PA? First and foremost, you’re going to need to make sure you know what this health care profession is all about. The health care profession of physician assistant has been defined as a worker who practices medicine while they are under the supervision of a physician who has their license.

These health care workers perform a lot of tasks on daily basis that all range from recording a patient’s medical history, performing physical exams, preventing diseases, diagnosing illnesses, and creating treatment plans for patients. Physician assistants also aid surgeons during a surgery. The next thing you need is to make sure that you the necessary qualifications that get applicants into PA school. In order to even gain admission into a physician assistant school, applicants need to make sure that they get their bachelor’s of science degree that shows that have done extensive coursework in medical subjects like biology and biochemistry.

Aspiring PA students are going to realize that they need to have determination and fortitude to get through PA school. To even apply to a PA program you have to be 21 years or older otherwise you can’t apply at all.

While working as a physician assistant you’re going to realize that you need to know how to deal with many different people. It can be extremely hectic to work as a physician assistant on a day to day basis so knowing how to deal with all the attitudes that are going to come your way is very important.

You’re also going to need to know how to write well because this is also in their scope of practice, a lot of writing and filing. The communication is important because PAs are involved with the patients’ family a lot so knowing how to build a quick relationship with them is important. Another thing that physician assistant do is they work in the office doing administrative tasks like getting conference rooms ready and ordering new medical supplies.

If you are going to be working as a PA in a hospital then know that you will rarely have time to stop walking around. This is a phenomenal career to pursue and a physician assistant is able to work in more medical institutions than one. They work in hospitals, walk in clinics, rural areas and they even work in correctional facilities. There’s a lot to experience in this career.

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Do You Want To Become A Physician Assistant?

Do You Want To Become A Physician Assistant?
Physicians Assistants are capable of doing everything that a physician can execute except writing prescriptions. Even though they have the ability to treat and diagnose, provide care like wound dressing and splinting, most of the Physician Assistant do it under the guidance of physician. With the help of Physician Assistant it becomes possible for a physician to inspect more patients in a day as the physician assistant take care of gentle cases like common illness or ear pain. This gives more free time to the physician to take care of more complicated cases. Most of the physician assistant holds bachelor’s degree in medical field like emergency medical technician or registered nurse.

For the post of physician’s assistant post many requires clinical training and additional two years of higher education. As the physician assistants have equal diagnostic capabilities as of a physician, they are the first person to be recommended, at the time of busy medical practices, when a patient needs to be seen urgently. For physician’s assistant probability of high exposure to contagious diseases is high. Most of the physician’s assistant on daily basis treat and diagnose minor illnesses and injuries of patients in a medical office. Many times physician’s assistants have their own list of client just like that of a doctor. Even though physician supervise them but it does not mean that doctor need to meet each of their patient for the confirmation of diagnosis. Many times supervision includes only analysis of case file by the doctor and consultation on some severe cases.

With the expansion of medical field opportunities for physician’s assistant will also increase. For the next six years increase in jobs available is expected. Physician’s assistants mostly choose the state where they can practice various medical procedures and can prescribe medication as well. Insurance companies wish that their insured’s see physician’s assistant than that of physician, as physician assistant charge less for the services as compare to Physician.

For a physician’s assistant various medical fields are available to work in. Apart from this if a physician assistant wish he can become a medical doctor by continuing his studies. In most of the cases physician’s assistant complete their training requirement and education for complete physician’s degree while practicing as a physician’s assistant. Physician’s assistants are capable enough of performing many routine exams which a physician performs, which also allows them to work in various different types of office.

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Why Become A Nurse Practitioner

Why Become A Nurse Practitioner
If you are considering becoming a nurse practitioner but aren’t really sure of the benefits of the job and the reasons why you would follow this path it would be a good idea for you to educate yourself as to why you would. Let’s quickly look at some of the major benefits, therefore, of moving into nursing as a career.

As you begin to build your experience within your chosen sphere and speciality you will get paid fairly handsomely as a result. While becoming a general nurse is going to pay you a decent wage and salary, if you work within a particular specialities such as neonatal nursing or legal nursing, you will be able to command a lot more money.

In addition, you have flexibility with when you work and you can, therefore, get paid more by working additional shifts you wish to do so. Shift work is very different from a traditional 9-to-5 job and for many people this is a major benefit. You are going to be presenting yourself with challenges all of the time and your job is going to be ever-changing. By taking on additional shifts you can happily supplement your earnings.

By becoming a long-term practitioner you will also benefit from various different perks and similar rewards. This is especially the case if you work for a long time at a particular hospital. These sorts of benefits that you will receive will include insurance coverage, paid accommodation, free meals, paid holidays, and a decent pension plan.

Obviously, the main function of your job will be to help people. You are going to be involved in various different parts of the healthcare process and seeing people overcome their physical ailments is something that can provide you with a great deal of happiness and satisfaction, especially when you have played a vital role. People will look upon you as an important part of the community and this will provide lots of pride in yourself and in the work that you do.

As a nurse practitioner you will have lots of job security as well. Once you are fully trained and you have begun to develop your experience your skills are never going to go out to demand. Health care is a top priority for us all and therefore you will not have to be concerned about never finding work, even if the job market and economy in general begins to shrink.

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