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Becoming A Physician Assistant

Becoming A Physician Assistant
Being a physician assistant can mean something different depending on the focus in which you belong and the state in which you live. However, many find it to be an interesting and fulfilling career overall.

They are sometimes confused with other occupations like nurses or medical assistants, but the career actually calls for a different skill set and various daily tasks. Physician assistants are not required to attend nursing school for their degree, but they are more trained and developed than those of a regular medical nature.

This career lies somewhere in between nurses and doctors in the amount of authority that they have within the medical environment, so they are usually considered as “mid-level” professionals or providers. They can see patients and charge them without needing the supervision of a physician or doctor.

Some states require indirect supervision of this type of medical professional; in other words, they must be present within the building or be part of the same practice. They may also have to sign off on charts and prescriptions that the physician assistant has written.

The job itself does require a good amount of schooling; it will call for more specialization than a career as a nurse but not as much time or years in school as becoming a full-fledged doctor. Most individuals prefer to receive a Bachelor’s degree in something relating to the medical field, like biology, anatomy, health, or exercise sciences.

After the individual has moved on from their undergraduate, they are then required to go through a Master’s program. This is done through a program in Physician Assisting and must be earned at a school that has an accredited medical or academic program.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in a medical field definitely helps to make the process go faster and will potentially keep you from having to take any extra or pre-requisite classes. Therefore, if you really feel like this may be a career option for you, choose one of the undergraduate studies aforementioned.

Otherwise, you may find that you are behind an entire semester from the start because of all of the makeup coursework that you must get finished and submitted. Most of these courses will be lab sciences, which tend to be difficult, costly, and time consuming.

Most P.A.s work in offices where they are able to see and assist patients. They can diagnose illnesses and also prescribe medications to help cure or alleviate these conditions’ symptoms.

They do experience a good amount of medical authority, but they will not have as much or as much freedom as a certified physician. P.A.s can practice in all different branches of medicine, including surgical, family, internal, and orthopedics.

There are two different viewpoints regarding this career; many find them to be extra useful because of a shortage of good or well-qualified physicians within the field or industry. However, many also feel that because they are not as skilled as their counterparts, they should not have as much freedom in their work and should be monitored carefully.

Doctors must attend four years of schooling and then take three years of residency to perfect their craft, while P.A.s only call for two years of schooling and clinical. Therefore, they do not always get as much respect as those that go for the higher degree.

Applying for this type of program is very similar to any other type of medical or graduate school. You must spend a good deal of your undergraduate focusing on your grades and taking the courses necessary.

It will also be necessary to take part in some kind of standardized testing and go through the standard application process. The career outcome for this position looks good, and most should find that they make around eighty to one-hundred thousand dollars each year.

The benefits that go along with this career also tend to be very good, including medical care and great retirement benefits. Those that are contemplating becoming a physician assistant should perform as much research as they possibly can to understand the job and what will be required of them.

Schooling will be difficult, and they will need to work hard to get into academic programs; once you have made it in, it is still necessary to make it through courses and clinicals. When you decide that this is the career for you, do as much research as you can to prepare yourself!

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Physician Assistant Programs

Physician Assistant Programs

In 2009, The U.S. News and World Reports stated that one of the most worthwhile and lucrative career choices was that of being a physician assistant. Working as a medical health care professional who gives therapeutic, diagnostic and preventative services while under the supervision of a licensed doctor, a physician assistant can make approximately $ 90,000 a year, depending on where they are employed in the United States. Since the aging of the population is expected to continue over the next twenty years, the demand for doctors will continue to increase, along with the need for them to hire assistance with their expanding practices.

If you are yearning for a career as a physician assistant, you will need to finish a pre-medical series of courses at a four year college before undertaking the physician assistant programs available throughout the United States. In addition, a minimum of two years experience working in the health care field is necessary to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. You can then apply for physician assistant programs (there are at present 140 accredited programs available) by writing to the universities or colleges of your choice. Generally, these programs take approximately two and a half years to complete before you are given the title of physician assistant, and must be accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). There is also a written examination you will have to pass called the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). To retain your certified status as a P.A., you will have to take and pass one hundred hours of continuing medical education every two years; however, you must be re-certified every six years.

Most of the graduate physician assistant programs leading to master’s degrees specialize in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS), Medical Science, or Health Science; some require a GRE or MCAT scores in order to be accepted.

Some physician assistant programs extend clinical doctorate degrees (Doctor of Science Physician Assistant) with certification being controlled by the professional medical committees in individual states. Although P.A.’s do not need a doctorate in order to practice, many continue their education to obtain PhD’s or a Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) degree.

As a student of a physician assistant program, you will be studying a variety of medical related topics such as pathology, anatomy, pharmacology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and microbiology, just to name a few. While doctors are required to complete at least three years of residency after finishing their education, physician assistants do not have to do this; however, if you are involved in a specialized area of medical training, you may be able to participate in a residency program for Past who want to further their education in that field.

As a graduate of any of the many physician assistant programs available to those who qualify, you will be certified to perform physical exams on patients, fill out prescriptions, treat illnesses, and even sometimes assist your supervising doctor in certain minor surgeries. There is great flexibility involved in the P.A. field, and employment can be found in just about any branch of the medical health field.

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Physician Assistant Employment Opportunities

Physician Assistant Employment Opportunities

Healthcare professionals looking for physician assistant employment opportunities can seek the services of a reliable healthcare staffing company. Physician assistant professionals are in great demand at various healthcare centers in the US including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and rehabilitation centers. But to help professionals find the right opportunity that would be their big career move and the path to their dream job, they need the assistance of the qualified and experienced staffing consultants at the staffing firm. When assigning jobs, these consultants take into account the candidate’s particular preferences stated at the time of application.

Healthcare Staffing Firms – Assist Both Physician Assistant Professionals and Healthcare Employers

The physician assistant is educated in the medical model and can therefore perform all the responsibilities of a licensed physician under the latter’s direct supervision. The health care staffing concern has many contacts and serves the needs of countless healthcare institutions around the nation. It isn’t a big deal for the firm to provide great physician assistant employment opportunities as well as openings for various healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, nurse practitioners and plenty of others even if it be at a short notice. Likewise, the healthcare staffing company also serves the needs of hospitals and other healthcare institutions by meeting their need for a qualified and skilled physician assistant, nurse practitioner or any other professional.

Benefit from the Services of Healthcare Staffing Firms

A good healthcare staffing company offers great opportunities for both domestically trained as well as internationally trained physician assistants.

For the latter, the company also provides total assistance in all the related paperwork and procedures including immigration and visa processing. For all physician assistant employment opportunities provided by the staffing firm, vital and personal parameters such as work atmosphere, geographical location within the US, career growth and remuneration are considered. The end result is a service that satisfies both the jobseeker and the employer.

Physician Assistant Employment Opportunities – TheraKare, a leading medical staffing firm helps jobseekers to find the right healthcare jobs and also assist medical practices to meet their specific staffing requirements.

Physician Assistant Staffing Services

Physician Assistant Staffing Services
Firms providing physician assistant staffing services offer exciting job openings for candidates in the field. Physician assistants (PAs) trained in the medical model, offer comprehensive physician services including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a particular medical condition, usually under the direct supervision of a physician but also independently in certain circumstances.

Importance of the Physician Assistants Responsibility

The physician assistant’s responsibility is an extensive one and also extremely rewarding. According to a survey conducted by Money Magazine and Salary.com in May 2006, the profession of the physician assistant was ranked No. 5 in the listing of the best jobs in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor considers physician assistant employment to increase by 27% till 2016. With physician resident hours being shortened while the healthcare industry continues to expand, the role of the physician assistant is becoming increasingly more prominent than ever before.

The job opportunities open to them are as varied as their job profile. According to a census conducted by the AAPA (American Academy of Physician Assistants) in 2008, the physician’s office was the workplace for 56% of responding physician assistants, while hospitals employed 24% of them with the rest working in the US Department of Veteran Affairs, nursing homes, public health clinics, home healthcare agencies, prisons and schools.

Benefits of Healthcare Staffing Organizations

Physician assistant staffing services provide these institutions with skilled and qualified candidates to serve them. Offered by healthcare staffing companies, PA recruiting services select the right candidates from their vast array of applicants after assessing their skills through innovative recruitment techniques, and matching the candidates’ requirements for work atmosphere, geographical location, professional independence, salary, etc.

Healthcare staffing concerns thereby serve both parties, helping healthcare organizations cut costs and save precious resources, while providing physician assistants and other healthcare professionals rewarding job opportunities. Companies providing physician assistant staffing services put the right candidate in the right environment in order to ensure the best performance.

Healthcare Staffing Services – TheraKare is a full-service healthcare staffing firm providing complete support for those seeking physician assistant jobs, physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and speech pathology jobs.

The Job Scope that a Physician Assistant Has

The Job Scope that a Physician Assistant Has

The health care profession of physician assistant has been around since the 1960s, and ever since then they have been working under the supervision of a physician. They are actually delegated by that physician on what assignments they are going to do, and their own scope of practice is going to be based on the physician’s practice and the laws of the state that they live in. They are a very much appreciated member on the health care team because of their abilities in being able to perform almost 80% of the tasks that were traditionally performed by the physician.

As working members on the team of health care, every PA is skilled in the ability to perform tasks that were usually always and only done by physicians who are licensed. They engage in performing tasks like recording the medical history of a patient, they are going to perform tasks in being able to prevent disease, diagnose conditions, perform and ordering laboratory tests, and they are also going to be creating treatment plans for patients along with the collaboration of their supervising physician.

A physician assistant is also going to be treating minor injuries like broken bones by applying casts, splints or other types of treatment that involve give patients injections for immunizations. There are even some states that allow PAs to prescribe medications for patients who suffer from acute and chronic diseases. Aside from all of these health care tasks, PAs will also be doing administrative duties as well.

These duties include ordering medical supplies, ordering more equipment for the office, and they will also be the supervisor of technicians and assistants.

Another aspect of the job for a physician assistant is counseling and educating patients. PAs also work as the primary health care providers in areas where there is a serious shortage of physician assistants. These areas are going to be rural and since there is going to be such a low number of working physicians, PAs are going to be seeing their supervising physician only 2 times out of the week.

All PAs work under the direction of a surgeon are going to be held responsible for performing duties such as surgical procedures in various operating rooms, they are going to perform pre-op care and post-op care for patients, and some will have the necessary education that enables them to take a hand in actual hands-on surgical tasks.

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How to Become a Qualified and Certified Physician Assistant

How to Become a Qualified and Certified Physician Assistant

The medical profession of physician assistant is the third fastest growing career in the world right now according to the Federal Bureau of Labor. This is a career that is going to be high in demand and it just might always remain that way considering the shortage on working doctors in medical institutions around the world right now. PAs help society with their skills in disease prevention, and on their and faster patient treatment.

This is definitely the career to get into. You don’t have to go to medical school for a decade and a half to start working, and you can do most of the tasks that were previously meant only for doctors to perform. This career is creating a lot of different opportunities for other medical professions too with physicians being able to work less with the help of PAs. Assistants work in a variety of medical institutions such as hospitals, private practices, walk in clinics, and nursing homes.

These are the most common but there are many other places. Without a doubt, the PA has been a huge asset to doctors, surgeons and physicians helping them to work more effectively with less stress. This career has a bright and positive outlook, but a physician assistant is still going to face challenges. Here is how to become a qualified PA. The first thing you need to do is get your bachelors degree. Not an associate’s…get a bachelors.

Higher education is the absolute requirement to get accepted into a university’s PA program. It doesn’t matter how much medical experience you may have prior to get the degree, you still need to get your bachelors before you apply to a PA program. Next step is to get into a university either online or on campus.

Make sure the university you get into is accredited, and two good universities that offer great PA programs is the University of Chicago and the University of Drexel. When you get admission into the university’s PA program you will be there for a good 2 to 3 years.

It’ll be full time with the first year dealing with coursework and the next year will have you working clinical rotations being supervised by actual PAs. After you graduate you will have to take the national certification exam that is administered by the AAPA. After you get certified you will still have to take your state licensure exam so that you can start working within your state as a physician assistant.

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Get into a Top Physician Assistant by Doing This

Get into a Top Physician Assistant by Doing This

Its great that you want to be a physician assistant because right now it is one of America’s fastest growing jobs. The most important thing is that you attend a good school that has a good PA program because you want to get everything you need. Read on to learn the tips that you need to know to get into a good PA school. The most common factor that almost every physician assistant school is going to check into for each applicant is going to be their academic background.

They aren’t going to care about whether or not you’ve played a sport, they are going to care about whether or not you have taken the necessary coursework to get into the school. As we all know, it takes distinction to get into any top school, and the subjects that need to be taken for you to get into a PA school is going to be in science subjects like biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and human anatomy. These are without a doubt the classes that every physician assistant program is going to require aspiring students to have taken.

They expect applicants to have gotten a grade “B” or better in all of these courses for them to get admission. Another aspect that the PA school is going to be looking at is whether or not applicants have work experience in the health care industry, and they also care about other things they have done but they’re mainly going to care about the work experience.

In fact, most applicants have already been employed in the medical field.

Some are EMTs, and other health care workers who work in direct contact with patients. Another part of the applicant they are going to look at is the students own personal essay and their resume to see if they have impressing achievements that qualifies them to be a good candidate to be in their physician assistant program. Just having good academics and work experience isn’t going to get an applicant admission, they also want to know if they can communicate and what makes them different from all the other aspiring men and women who have entered into the program.

Its going to take all this for an applicant to make it to the interview phase of the process. Every good and reputable school has their new students do an interview for them to get admission because there are many people who want the same opportunities. Be prepared when you get into your physician assistant school because it is going to be hard work.

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Idea of the Health Care Profession of Physician Assistant

Idea of the Health Care Profession of Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is basically a health care professional who assists the physician on a day to day basis no matter the tasks that are given to them. To be honest, physician assistants are able to perform many of the tasks and duties that were usually meant to be performed only by doctors. This is why they are such a valuable member of the health care team.

There are many different branches of the medical world, and just like in all of these different fields it is still very hard to become and work as a PA in the health care industry. As I have already written above, a PA can perform a wide range of tasks but they can only perform these tasks while they are under the supervision of a physician otherwise they can’t practice medicine. Physicians employ PAs so that they can assist them medically to help patients so that they prevent diseases, maintain illnesses and treat whatever conditions a patient is suffering from.

Aside from treating patients, a physician assistant also does interviews with patients so that they can learn more about the patient’s medical history so that when they are trying to diagnose that patient they can do so correctly. PAs educate patients on how to maintain their health after being discharged and they also make house visits after they have been discharged from care.

The best thing about being a working physician assistant is the fact that you are going to have the ability to use your medical expertise in many different medical institutions and in many different situations.

They are able to do this on account of the fact that they have been trained as all around generalists so that they can soon be able provide health care for patients no matter their condition. Its because of this that once one is a certified physician assistant they will then be able to branch out and specialize in whatever area of medicine that interests them. For one to become a PA and start practicing medicine, they are going to need to get their national certification by taking the exam that is administered by the American Academy of Physician Assistant.

Before you can take the exam you have to get your degree first from the PA program, and most of these program usually last for two years. This is a phenomenal career to take because of the time required to become one. It usually takes 8 to 11 years to become a physician and it takes a lot of time and money to make it happen. So being a physician assistant is most definitely worth it in the long run.

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4 of the Best Physician Assistant Schools in the Country

4 of the Best Physician Assistant Schools in the Country

The health care profession of physician assistant was ranked as second best job in the United States during the year 2009. Its very important to attend the right PA schools, especially the ones that have accreditation because of the fact that you can’t receive your certification if you don’t attend a physician assistant school that has received its accreditation. Before we get into the four best PA schools in the country, its important that you know to apply early and make sure that you meet the requirements and pre-requisites to gain admission. Here are the best schools that have great PA programs.

The University of Iowa – The PA program that is offered here at the University of Iowa is very different from the ones that offered at other universities. The curriculum that is from this university is unique on account of the fact that it is specifically designed to have all aspiring PA students complete at least or more than 60% of their didactic curriculum with the aid of medical students who are sophomores.

The University of Duke – Duke University has a school of medicine that is very innovative. In fact, it is so innovative that it has a new learning center that is going to be the first new facility that is dedicated to teaching medical students. It has been doing this since 1930 and its all been being done in the Davison Building. The health care profession of physician assistant first started at Duke University in the 1960s. The PA program that is offered from this university is affiliated with CASPA otherwise known as the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants. So in order to gain admission into Duke University’s PA program you are going to have to complete and fill out a CASPA application and also a Duke supplemental application and they’re going to have to pass the interview phase of the application process.


The University of Emory – This university was founded in 1836, and Emory’s PA program is a full fledged accredited PA program. It has received its accreditation from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education of the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) and it has also gotten its accreditation from SACS through the School of Medicine to grant the Master of Medical Science.

The University of George Washington – This university was founded in the year 1821, and here in 2011 it is the District of Columbia’s largest education institution. The program has also been accredited by the ARC-PA.

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Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant at Saint Louis University Doisy College of Health Sciences