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Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Clarkson University

Clarkson University offers a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree in a 28 consecutive month curriculum. This website www.clarkson.edu/pa/ will provide useful information about our program at Clarkson and will also provide links to learn more about the PA profession. The program is provisionally accredited by the ARC-PA, which is the standard for all new programs. Our ultimate goal is to graduate high quality and compassionate PAs who will successfully pass their certification exam and then serve their patients and their communities with pride. The PA profession continues to be an important part of the teamwork required in improving healthcare in the US. Multiple publications and the US government continually produce articles and reports that demonstrate the value of PAs and the continuing need for more physician assistants in the future. The Clarkson PA Program is located in Clarkson Hall at 59 Main Street in the village of Potsdam. Clarkson is the highest-rated research university of its size in New York State. The PA program benefits from the expertise of its faculty and local health care providers. We will utilize clinical sites in St. Lawrence and surrounding counties. Our class size is small, so you will not be lost in the shuffle of a large classroom. The education of a PA is very rigorous. It will likely be the most demanding educational experience of your life. If you are ready for that challenge and seek to serve others, we welcome your

What are the Good Things About Becoming a Physician Assistant?

What are the Good Things About Becoming a Physician Assistant?

Ever since the year of 1965 when it started in Duke University, the health care profession of physician assistant has been a huge help to the health care industry. Right now in the United States, there are well over 140 different accredited physician assistant programs for students who are going in to become a PA. No matter how old these PA programs are, they are still be used. Almost all of these physician assistant programs require their aspiring students who are applying to have a minimum of 2 to 4 years of college along with some kind of experience working in the health care industry.

By work experience I mean that students can either get this experience working as a emergency medical technician (EMT), an ambulance attendant, a licensed practical nurse, or even a volunteer in some cases. Even though this is what it takes to get into PA school, most physician assistant have a bachelor’s degree in some field of the health care industry and most of them already have 4 years working experience before they even got into their chosen PA school.

Even though there is a large percentage of men who are physician assistants, there is still a very large number of women who are venturing into this profession. To be more specific, right now there are more women who are physician assistant than there are men. The reason why there are a lot of men who are PAs is because in the past during the military days, many men were already assisting medically in the military and when they left they took their job and created the profession of physician assistant.

The role that a PA has on the health care team is very diverse, and they can perform a wide range of tasks on account of the fact that these tasks they can perform were once only meant to be done by physicians personally.

Now, physician assistants can take part in diagnosing patients, performing physical exams on patients, they can assist in surgeries, and this is just a small mention of all the things that they can do. In some of the rural and underserved areas, a physician assistant will more than likely be the primary health care provider for patients. All physician assistants are required to practice medicine only when they are under the supervision of physician, a medical doctor, or a doctor of osteopathy.  This is definitely a great health care profession.

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How to Prepare For Your Online Physician Assistant Program

How to Prepare For Your Online Physician Assistant Program

Online education is no longer a new approach to encourage people to pursue their studies. It has overcome the time and space issues for those who are working but wishing to take a part time course or those who prefer to study on own schedule. Now, physician assistant program goes online too. Nonetheless, there are some things that you have to be alert in order to perform well in your online program.

First, you should always bear in mind that online program means you are free to study at anytime, anywhere, anyhow as you wish. It can become a disadvantage too, if you are someone who tends to procrastinate. Delaying your studies until the last-minute will result in swamping yourself with overloaded information and assignments. That is definitely a bad idea if you want to pass your online program as soon as possible.

Next, you need to foster the habit of time management. Yes, you needless to attend any lectures and you can study at our convenience. But you should have set up a study list for everyday since physician assistant program has a lot of theoretical subjects that you have to allocate your time wisely to revise for each subject. By dividing your time accordingly and following your schedule with discipline, it may heighten the chance for you to pass the program.

Every online program does provide facilities for the students to learn more effectively. You should make full use of them. Online lecture, forums, discussions are interesting ways to help you to learn faster and interactively. If you have any inquiries, do not feel hesitate to email your instructors to ask for help.

Last but not least, you have to evaluate your progress continuously.

By doing so, you will know whether you are catching up with the syllabus. If you are doing so-so, you will still have time to adjust yourself to do better.

For more information about becoming a physician assistant and online physician assistant program, visit PhysicianAssistantCareer.com.

It Takes Hard Work to Be a Physician Assistant

It Takes Hard Work to Be a Physician Assistant


Being a physician assistant can be very strenuous. PAs work in many different medical institutions and settings, and they are able to do most of the tasks and duties that were previously only done by physicians themselves. These health care services that they provide for patients helps them tremendously on a day to day basis. The responsibilities that PAs have will have them doing a wide range of tasks on a daily basis.

The tasks that they perform are far more complex than anything  basic or like the tasks that nurses perform. PAs have been trained extensively and they are able to perform tasks like splints, casts for bones that are broken, sutures, and they know how to treat many other minor injuries. When a PA begins to meet with a new patient for an appointment they will start by finding out what problem they have.

PAs are health care professionals who are able to order lab tests and they are to interpret the results of those tests. They can also come up with a treatment plan when they have determined the right course of treatment for a patient’s condition. In most states, PAs are able to write prescriptions for patients. A physician assistant is going to be working under a physician’s supervision or a surgeon’s supervision. They’ll be working for them in many different settings.

There are going to be times when a PA is going to be told by their supervisor to go see a patient that has been discharged from the hospital for a follow up. PAs will be working in hospitals, physician’s offices, and nursing homes. They will go to a nursing home, the home of a patient, or even a rehabilitation facility just to see if the patient is doing fine after having left.

They will then return back to the physician to tell them about the patient’s progress. PAs are also able to provide health care services in places where there is a shortage of doctors.

These places would include rural areas and inner cities where there is either a shortage of physician’s or they aren’t working full time. It takes a lot of determination and fortitude to become a PA, and most PA schools generally last only 2 to 3 years. You have to meet requirements and prerequisites to even gain admission into a PA program. After graduating from PA school, a certification exam is required. There is nothing but a bright future for those who want to become a physician assistant.


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Physician Assistant Programs in California

Physician Assistant Programs in California

In the state of California there are wonder physician assistant programs available. Not only do these programs give aspiring students the chance they want to become a PA or just be mentored by an actual doctor when they are making serious decisions when it concerns patient care diagnose, but these programs also pay these aspiring students as they are training in the program to become a PA. The kind of hands on training that is provided at these programs are really paving the way for future and better careers in the health care industry, and they are also keeping working practitioners well paid for their hard work.

Students should make sure that they check the American Association of Physician Assistants on accreditation standards regarding how valid the educational curriculum for the PA programs used in California are. Not all PA schools are going to recognized by the state of California, and the only way they will be is by doing due diligence and checking up on the schools credentials and licensure so you can be sure that you know the requirements and whether or not you meet them.

A working physician assistant in the state of California is given hands on training and because of the fact that this city is constantly moving 24/7, all the cases you’ll be handling there as a PA will give you a lot more opportunity to work with patients. The curriculum of the PA schools in California will include training in knowing how to perform physical exams on patients, learning how to order and interpret lab tests, how to diagnose and determine treatment plans for patients, how to chart and take patient medical histories, how to interview patients, and how to prescribe medications for patient.

Students will also be taught how to perform clinical procedures like giving patients injections or immunization shots.

They’re also going to be taught how to perform sutures, how to apply a splint, and how to apply and remove casts for minor injuries. The laboratory tests are going to deal with taking up cultures, and how to read blood tests. The requirements for admission into a PA program in the state of California are very similar to that of other states.

The only thing is that applicants who don’t have a lot of clinical experience working directly with patients are not encouraged to apply until they get some. California is a great place to get into a great physician assistant school.

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Physician Assistant: Why Become One

Physician Assistant: Why Become One

Medical practitioners are very in demand profession whether it maybe a nurse, nursing assistant or physician assistant or doctors. The term physician assistant is not a physician per se. they are the ones who are given licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor in the United States. Indeed, a big portion of the jobs needed in the United States is seeking people from health care industry. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a career as an assistant for a physician will definitely find a good job even amidst the recession that the country is experiencing at the moment.

So, what does PA do?

A PA is usually tasked to provide health care services in diagnostic area, preventive health care and therapeutic area as well as other medical assistance that the supervising physician will assign to them in due course. They are also tasked in taking medical histories of a patient as well as perform any physical exam on the patients. They can also order laboratory tests and can interpret results of such tests. They can also diagnose as well as treat patient illnesses and diseases under the supervision of their attending physician. And they can also assist the surgeons in the surgery room. The PA can also treat minor injuries of a patient such as splints, sutures as well as casting broken bones. They can also take notes of the progress of a patient, gives consultations and instructions after being discharged from the hospital such as how to take care of their body while recuperating as well as how they can do their therapy in their homes if needed.

How does one can become a PA?

Usually a PA program is being offered in colleges or universities and sometimes even in community colleges. It generally takes 2 years of study while the requirements as well as prerequisites also vary depending on the locality you are enrolled in as well as the program being offered. However, most of the programs nowadays will require at least 2 years of college as well as some health care experience. However, before you can work as a PA, it is important that you have finished an accredited PA program and passed the board examination for such. Once you have your license, you can now start working in the medical establishment you want.

The perks of becoming a PA

A career as a physician assistant is probably one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States nowadays. And in few years time, this career will become more and more in demand because of the significant shortage of doctors and nurses. The PA id considered to be the fifth best jobs in the United States which reportedly can expect at least to earn $ 65, 000 per year. Furthermore, the salary can also increase depending on the work experience, geographical location and disciplinary record of the PA. As such, those who are living and working as PA in big and progressive cities will generally receive higher rate.

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Physician Assistant Urgent Care Jobs

Physician Assistant Urgent Care Jobs

Great physician assistant urgent care jobs come to the notice of healthcare staffing concerns. Like nurse practitioners, the job profile of physician assistants is flexible and also concerned with family practice and emergency care. However, unlike the former, physician assistants (PAs) are trained in the medical model, with an education that complements the basic medical education physicians receive. PAs can therefore perform a wider variety of medical actions including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the medical condition which can be an injury or illness. Physician assistants can also prescribe medicines and provide assistance during surgery.

Scope of Physician Assistant’s Activities

Physician assistants generally perform under the supervision of licensed physicians, and their independence and particular job profile depend upon the contract or the relationship determined by the physician. In many situations physician assistants also treat patients without direct supervision. Hospitals, clinics, primary health centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, all provide great job openings, including physician assistant urgent care jobs.

How Healthcare Staffing Concerns Help

Health care staffing concerns serve the needs of healthcare institutions around the nation and can therefore pick out the right vacancy for the right candidate among the many healthcare professionals who sign up for great employment opportunities.

Through their innovative recruitment solutions, they provide the right candidate for the concerned healthcare institution.

The services offered by physician assistants are invaluable and indispensable. Job openings are therefore rewarding and exciting, and there is always the perfect job for a given candidate with regard to the individual’s preference for salary, work atmosphere, possibilities for career growth, geographical location, and more. With a vast network of domestic and internationally trained physician assistants and other healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions can always get the right candidate if they rely on the smart recruiting practices of the healthcare staffing firm. It saves them resources, while healthcare professionals can expect to receive the best physician assistant urgent care jobs.

Physician Assistant Jobs – TheraKare a major healthcare staffing provider in the USA provides a wide range of medical assistant jobs for potential job seekers.

Try Being A Physician Assistant

Try Being A Physician Assistant
If you like helping other people, a job in the medical field could be for you. The field is obviously in demand of certified compassionate individuals who are ready to put forth their best attempts to help others. The Physician Assistant is an elementary position that will allow the opportunity to help other people and gain example of the medical field.

Considering that Physician Assistants are needed through the entire Nation, you will be able in order to secure employment opportunities the majority of anywhere. Job security is extremely high in most regions of the medical field. The courses programs to generate your certificate most vary depending on express regulations. However, nearly all can be completed in 4-6 weeks on average. The price of such programs is extremely low.

If you need advice about the cost of the program, many programs present scholarships or federal funding. In addition, many group agencies such as Man Services will assist anyone with the cost of doing such a training course. A number of employers in the medical area will agree to both pay for your Physician Assistant instruction or reimburse anyone upon successful completing the program.

Most Health care worker Assistant programs start each and every six to eight weeks. The treatment depends on the length of the program and the interest in your unique area. This is distinct from most certificate packages where you have to hold off until a full semester finishes before you can enroll. At times that can mean a 3 or four thirty day period waiting period.

On your Physician Assistant training, you may attend a class learning environment and also receive hands on coaching. The hands on education requires you to total a certain number of several hours, called clinicals, working in a medical facility with real patients. All of your perform will be overseen by qualified professionals who with advise you regarding the proper procedures along with medical understanding.

The combination regarding classroom learning along with clinicals will result in you becoming well prepared to enter the work market as a Nursing Assistant. Generally, the medical site that will oversees the clinicals will offer you employment to those college students who are learning properly, following procedures for facility, and who may have a positive attitude.

Being a Physician Assistant can be extremely exciting and gratifying for the right person. The job is challenging and you will find yourself over expanded at times. Things in a very medical setting will change constantly, so the job certainly isnt predictable. There are so many specifics including the patients, after that number of patients, some other staff, and the medical needs of the sufferers that you work day together with never be predictable.

Whilst being a Physician Assistant can be an entry level position, it’s also a very important position. You will end up responsible for many daily life tasks for each individual. These tasks consist of bathing, grooming giving, and checking their particular vital signs. Additionally, you will be responsible for assisting using medical equipment and relocating patients as needed. The actual requirements of the placement will vary depending on the service you work for.
Transforming into a Physician Assistant generally will not take very long. You will continue to find out about your part as a Physician Assistant after you secure employment. You may be exposed to medical information as well as procedures by the other staff. This information will be quite valuable. Many people opt for the role involving Nursing Assistance like a foundation to continue the amount and become a Registered nurse or to explore other kinds of employment within the medical field.

The health-care field is growing and there is a demand for employees, but it is the properly trained and skilled workers who will usually get the much better jobs, and in the health care area, there is a world of difference between the assignments of skilled and unskilled physician assistants.

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Physician Assistant & Physician? What?s the Difference?

Physician Assistant & Physician? What?s the Difference?

Most of the time the physician assistant is going to be in the place of the physician doing most of the tasks that were traditionally meant to be done by the physician themselves. The PA is going to be the health care professional who is trained by the direction of a physician, and by that physician being their supervisor. The way they are going to be trained and supervised will all depend on their supervising physician’s type of practice and the laws of the state that they live in.

If the physician is a surgeon, a chiropractor, a podiatrist or even a dentist it doesn’t matter because the PA is going to have to acclimate to whatever practice their physician has. These two health care workers work collaboratively so that patient care is done safe and correctly. Now even though I’ve gone into how a PA is always going to have a physician as their supervisor, there are still defining differences between them. These differences between physicians and their assistants are….

-The first difference between PAs and physicians is the amount of schooling that is required to become both. Unlike physicians, PAs don’t have to go to medical school for 10 years to get certified and practice medicine. In fact, physicians can be in school for up to 18 years before they decide to start practicing medicine. To even gain admission into med school, an aspiring physician is required to do an internship in a hospital and they’re going to have to do a residency. A physician assistant doesn’t have to do residencies or internships to get into the PA school of their choice, and there are PAs who aren’t even certified and yet they still practice medicine in hospitals because they have the necessary education to begin practicing medicine.

That’s one difference between the two.

-There are different duties and responsibilities between PAs and physicians when it concerns providing patient care on a daily basis. Its going to be the physician who is mainly responsible for overseeing the care of the patient, and its going to be the PA who is under the supervision of the physician when they are providing patient care at the delegation of the physician. The responsibility for patients doesn’t lie on the PA’s shoulder, it lies on the physician’s.

This is a great career that is extremely rewarding at the end of the day because of all the things you experience and what you ultimately do for people who are suffering.

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Joining Physician Assistant Schools

Joining Physician Assistant Schools

There are many ways through which an individual can pursue a career in medicine. Most people know of medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists. There is however another important group of medical professionals known as physician assistants. These medical professionals are mandated to provide treatment for illness and injuries while under the supervision of a licensed physician. In some countries they are also known as clinical officers, assistant medical officers or clinical associates. Their roles include conducting physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, assisting in surgeries, issuing prescriptions, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests and providing medical advice and counseling.

From the job description provided, it is quite obvious that the physician assistant can undertake most of the roles that a physician is required to handle. There is a difference however since the physician assistant though having autonomy to make decisions, is required to work under the supervision of a physician. This means frequent consultation and communication with the physician in charge. Physician assistants are found in all kinds of medical institutions where they are expected to be the assistants of the physician.

To undertake a career with such huge responsibility requires quality training that will equip the student with the skills and knowledge required to competently support a physician. Physician assistant schools are there to provide the necessary training which covers almost all areas of medical practice. To enroll for the programs offered in these schools will require excellent grades as the course is highly attractive and thus admission id highly competitive.

An overall GPA of at least 3.3 is the minimal score required to join most physician assistant schools. Each candidate is also expected to have very good GPA in natural science subjects as well as GRE General Test scores.

In addition to the academic qualifications required, anyone joining physician assistant schools will also need to have the right personality. While some may be drawn into the career due to its prestige and reputation, a physician assistant must have compassion and a willingness to help those who need medical care. Working as a physician assistant also demands working long and odd hours with occasional interruptions to holidays or days off when emergencies arise. In addition to all of these, a physician assistant must be ready to deal with death which will inevitably occur at various times during their careers. Before enrolling into physician assistant schools it is therefore necessary to make sure that you are willing and able to deal with all of these demands and any others that might arise.

Most people joining physician assistant schools will often come from a medical background and include professionals such as nurses, paramedics and medical technicians. These candidates will in many cases have the advantage of previous medical training and work experience. This however does not mean that those without experience or training in other fields of medicine do not stand a chance. Having excellent academic qualifications will also get you into physician assistant schools. However those who are working in a medical profession will find taking the courses easier and for them, online physician assistant schools will work just fine.

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