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What are the Good Things About Becoming a Physician Assistant?

What are the Good Things About Becoming a Physician Assistant?

Ever since the year of 1965 when it started in Duke University, the health care profession of physician assistant has been a huge help to the health care industry. Right now in the United States, there are well over 140 different accredited physician assistant programs for students who are going in to become a PA. No matter how old these PA programs are, they are still be used. Almost all of these physician assistant programs require their aspiring students who are applying to have a minimum of 2 to 4 years of college along with some kind of experience working in the health care industry.

By work experience I mean that students can either get this experience working as a emergency medical technician (EMT), an ambulance attendant, a licensed practical nurse, or even a volunteer in some cases. Even though this is what it takes to get into PA school, most physician assistant have a bachelor’s degree in some field of the health care industry and most of them already have 4 years working experience before they even got into their chosen PA school.

Even though there is a large percentage of men who are physician assistants, there is still a very large number of women who are venturing into this profession. To be more specific, right now there are more women who are physician assistant than there are men. The reason why there are a lot of men who are PAs is because in the past during the military days, many men were already assisting medically in the military and when they left they took their job and created the profession of physician assistant.

The role that a PA has on the health care team is very diverse, and they can perform a wide range of tasks on account of the fact that these tasks they can perform were once only meant to be done by physicians personally.

Now, physician assistants can take part in diagnosing patients, performing physical exams on patients, they can assist in surgeries, and this is just a small mention of all the things that they can do. In some of the rural and underserved areas, a physician assistant will more than likely be the primary health care provider for patients. All physician assistants are required to practice medicine only when they are under the supervision of physician, a medical doctor, or a doctor of osteopathy.  This is definitely a great health care profession.

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Learning More about Cosmetic Surgeons

Learning More about Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgeons must undergo appropriate training before they become competent enough to apply their trade. This means at least a few years of rigorous training and lectures. Listed here are some of the requirements of becoming a certified cosmetic surgeon.


Fundamental subjects such as anatomy, biology, and other health-related subjects are frequently taught in high school. Completing high school is an aspirant’s ticket to enter different universities or medical colleges. Universities offer different bachelor’s degrees that aspiring cosmetic surgeons can take. Most universities provide pre-med bachelor degrees to people who want to pursue studies in the field of medicine. Needless to say, students are expected to take prerequisite science courses so they could earn credits for medical school.

Soon after completing a bachelor’s degree, aspiring cosmetic surgeons must go to medical schools. Passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a crucial requirement in medical schools. Like a bachelor’s degree, medical school generally lasts for 4 years. Science and ethics courses are taught for the first two years, while the last two are spent for clinical trainings in doctor’s offices. Medical school also offers advanced studies in science, like surgical procedures, radiology, and others.


A cosmetic surgeon Florida patients recommend must undergo surgical residency to acquire coaching experience. Residency is frequently processed in two methods: the independent technique or integrated approach.

The independent method is actually a three-year educational course about general plastic surgery. The integrated approach is longer than the independent method- coaching usually lasts for around five to six years. A surgical residency should be conducted under the supervision of a licensed plastic surgeon. It’s also necessary to complete 24 months of concentrated mentoring under plastic surgery, and to become a chief resident surgeon throughout the training.

Board Examination and License

Passing a comprehensive oral and written examination is a requirement to become a professional cosmetic surgeon Tampa hospitals can employ. The American Board of Plastic Surgery gives accreditation for each and every cosmetic surgeon who passes the board examination. Each surgeon should apply for a license in his/her state to practice the profession. The certificate is proof that the cosmetic surgeon has undergone suitable training and has met all the needs for the field.

Knowledge and Abilities

One of the primary issues of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery Tampa surgeons offer is the expertise of the doctor. No patient would want to be the surgeon’s first patient. Patients need to ask how many times the surgeon has performed surgery to gauge his/her experience in the profession. Cosmetic surgeons should give a sample of before and soon after photos of patients who had undergone their procedures. They must also have testimonials about patients who were satisfied with their work.

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