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Orthodontists and Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontists and Orthodontic Treatments


Orthodontists specialize in correcting teeth and jaws that are misaligned. In addition to treating crooked teeth and severe overbites, they also have the expertise required to replace missing teeth and can fit patients for dentures. Many people believe that a missing tooth is nothing more than a minor inconvenience and that straight teeth are only for appearances. However, the teeth play a vital role in overall health. Misaligned teeth or jaws can result in problems with snoring, breathing problems and even sleep apnea. Infections can seep in through damaged, rotting teeth and the structure of the face depends on a healthy set of teeth being in place. Whether you need a replacement tooth due to an accident or are looking for a full set of braces, you will probably be receiving orthodontic treatments.
Bone Structure
The art of orthodontics involves being able to correct the bone structure that a person is born with. Genetics plays a major role in whether a person will require orthodontic treatments. Teeth that are overcrowded can cause problems, as well as losing baby teeth before the adult teeth are ready to emerge. Braces are used to correct a wide range of orthodontic problems.
• Open up space for teeth that are crowded
• Correct protruding front teeth, lowering the risk of injury
• Maintain space that is needed for unerupted teeth
• Correct tooth alignment
• Preserve the shape of the face by maintaining good teeth structure
• Correct an overbite where the top teeth cover the lower teeth
• Correct an under bite, where lower teeth protrude in front of the top teeth.
• A cross bite indicates that the top teeth sit to the left or right of the jaw and should be corrected.
• An open bite is a condition where a gap exists between upper and lower teeth even when the mouth is closed, causing problems with biting.
Tooth Decay and Injury
Some people are born with teeth that are hard and strong while others are cursed with teeth that are simply soft. Age takes its toll on the teeth, as well as the dental hygiene practices that may be neglected along the way. Pregnancy can leave teeth significantly weaker than they were before, as well. Whatever the cause, tooth decay poses a serious problem for people. When a tooth is decaying and rotting it creates a pathway for dangerous infections to enter the body. Oftentimes these teeth must be pulled to prevent serious problems. Injuries can result in teeth being knocked out completely. If the tooth is intact it can sometimes be successfully reinserted, but this must be accomplished within an hour. Teeth that are severely chipped can not typically be fixed, and if the root of a lost tooth is damaged it can not be reinserted. Ideally the gap that is left behind from the pulled or missing tooth should be filled to prevent the other teeth from shifting and help maintain facial structure. Orthodontic treatments for missing teeth include:
• Dental implants – A permanent replacement tooth is put into place. It is affixed to a titanium rod that is inserted into the jawbone. They feel natural and do not have any negative impact on the surrounding teeth. The process does take between 6 and 9 months to complete, it does require a more invasive procedure and it is expensive.
• Bridge – Missing teeth are commonly replaced using a bridge. The teeth surrounding the gap are trimmed down and a mold is made of the area. A lab will construct a bridge out of porcelain and gold which is then cemented into place at the orthodontist’s office. They look natural and many people report that they feel completely natural. The cost is lower than dental implants and the procedure only takes about 2 hours spread out over about 3 visits. However, this is not an option if there are several teeth missing in one area or if the surrounding teeth are not healthy.
• Partial Denture – When several teeth are missing in one area, a partial denture is often the preferred solution. The surrounding teeth are unaffected and the cost is low compared to the other options. However, they are not known for feeling natural and some people find that it’s hard to talk or chew with them.
The Pitfalls of Avoiding Orthodontics
When necessary orthodontic treatments are avoided there are many problems that can occur. Whether the issue is with teeth that are misaligned or pulled teeth that are never replaced with anything, here are some of the problems that await when necessary orthodontic treatments are not performed.
• Migraines can result
• Uneven wear of teeth causing breakage
• Problems with the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ)
• An under bite can distort the face
• Jaw joint and muscle pain
• Overcrowded teeth are harder to clean, leading to more cavities and tooth decay
You simply are never too old for orthodontic treatments. While many people think of braces as being something teenagers wear, the fact is that malocclusion can be treated well into adulthood. As long as the jaw bones and teeth are reasonably healthy, braces and other orthodontics can successfully correct tooth alignment. Parents often wonder how old their child must be before receiving orthodontic care. Children over the age of 7 can be treated and should visit the orthodontist for a check-up.
Cost of Orthodontic Treatments
When people think about orthodontics they often see dollar signs. It’s true that braces are typically expensive and most other treatments can be costly. However, most orthodontists offer payment plans and having financing options to help make the cost more bearable. Talk openly with your orthodontist or local Cosmetic Dentists about your financial situation and see what can be worked out in your situation. It is imperative that you do not forego necessary treatments due to the cost. Your teeth are a vital part of your body and a ripple effect of problems can occur throughout the body when they are not properly cared for.


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