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Nurse Practitioner Programs in Arizona

Nurse Practitioner Programs in Arizona

Nurse Practitioners refer to the supervising staff on the head of RN (Registered Nurse). They are the highly educated, certified, personalized nursing staff members. Nurse Practitioner programs in Arizona, the desert land, offer a vivid variety of courses:
•  Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Family Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Women’s health Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Programs
•  Nurse Midwifery Program
•  Clinical Nurse Specialist Program
•  Public Health Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Oncology Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program
•  Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Each of the courses has a different clinical training time that is 720 to 810 hours. Nurse Practitioners work in a collaborative environment that is caring for patients. There are a number of accreditation councils or boards that accredit the universities for Nurse Practitioner Programs. Nurse Practitioner Programs are typically of 2 years duration. NCAC (North Central Association of College), SHLC (School High Learning Commission), NCEC and CCNE are the various accreditation councils in Arizona. The Arizona programs have shown conformable results and provided unabated nurse practitioner training curriculum. The various courses can confound any person but the training courses are specialized for meliorating the skills of a Nurse Practitioner in a particular specialty. One could measly imagine what it would be without the presence of the Nurse Practitioners and these training programs.

The salary of the family nurse practitioners and other diagnosis experts is more than $ 15000 per year in Arizona.

It is considered that by 2015, the nurse practitioner programs will be doctorate level programs.

Steps for becoming a Nurse Practitioner:-

•  You must have completed the Registered Nurse training course and must have cleared the RN certification Exam.
•  Your license as a RN must not be expired.
•  You must have a Certification provided by a National Certifying Organization. The organization must be recognized by the Arizona Board of Nursing.
•  You must obtain a Master’s degree or obtain a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from one of the accredited programs in Arizona.
•  After submission of the complete documents, your name will be registered in the State Nurse Aide registry by the State Nursing Board.

There are five universities in Arizona that provide the Nurse Practitioner Courses:
•  Arizona State University.
•  Northern Arizona University.
•  Grand Canyon University.
•  The University of Arizona.
•  University of Phoenix.

Currently, there are more than 3500 Nurse Practitioners in the state of Arizona. The overall number of Nurse Practitioners is 135000 as in 2010. University of Colorado’s School of Nursing was the first university to offer a Masters’ degree in Nursing. Expenses for a NP program in Arizona are approximately $ 610 per credit hour.

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