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Major Distinction Between Medical Assistant And Physician Assistant

Major Distinction Between Medical Assistant And Physician Assistant

The healthcare industry is growing so fast. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the business has provided 14.3 million jobs. More than 3.2 million new jobs are expected to be generated from 2008 to 2018 due to the summary population growth of the elderly.
Two of the most common health related career choices among job seekers are medical assistant and physician assistant. Both are exceedingly significant in the healthcare delivery system. Then again, many are still clueless which one is which. As not to be mistaken over again, we will discuss the two careers individually.
Overview Of Medical Assistants
Obviously, many are still bedazzled as to the actual roles of medical assistants. Medical assistants or MAs are in charge in keeping clinics and medical departments in order. Their roles can differ depending on the institutions they are employed in. Cited below are some of the critical taks of medical assistants:
Administrative Roles
Approximately sixty two percent of medical assistants are working in physician’s private clinics. They are either taught on the job or they acquire the skills through medical assisting program courses. During medical assistant training, students are educated on efficient call handling, organizing patients’ admissions, bookkeeping and scheduling. Those are just some of the basic administrative duties of medical assistants.

Clinical Roles
The clinical responsibilities of MAs depend on the state they are presently employed. These skills are taught as well during schooling. Some of the common clinical responsibilities of MAs are vital signs taking, collecting and preparing specimens, disposing of used and infected supplies, basic laboratory testing and assisting physician or medical doctor during medical check-up. In small and private clinics, doctors can instruct the medical assistant to prepare and administer medications, change dressings, give telephone prescriptions and monitor ECGs.
Special Areas Tasks
Similar to any healthcare careers, medical assistants can also work in special areas like pediatrics, optometry and opthalmic where they are fortunate to grow proficiently. In these areas, it is defining for MAs to learn how to multitask because there are instances where they must carry out several duties all at the same time.
Overview Of Physician Assistant
Physician Assistants or PAs are important players in the healthcare delivery system. They are practicing medicine under the direct guardianship of another physician. PAs are lawful to practice according to the bystandards provided by the administration.
Unlike medical assistants, PAs have more clinical tasks. Their scope of practice depends on their training, medical experience and state of law. Furthermore, the supervising doctor of medicine’s scope of experience can influence the job of PAs. Having that said, they will be seeing the same cases of patients. If the supervising doctor is under oncology, then the PA will be practicing in the same department too.
Following are some of the everyday duties of PAs. PAs are responsible in taking assessment, diagnosing and treating of health illnesses, analyzing and interpreting tests and procedures given to patients, surgery assisting, patient therapy and giving prescriptions. Besides clinical duties, PAs can also practice in line with research, education and administrative.
Medical assistants and physician assistants are two contrasting entities. It is fundamental to discuss and characterize the two. Still, be reminded that both are useful in healthcare. They both deserve to be given respect because by the same token they are doing what their job entails.

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