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How can Dental Oral Surgery treat Wisdom Teeth?

How can Dental Oral Surgery treat Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to erupt, when an individual is around 15 to 20 years of age. These teeth are located at the back of the mouth. Officially referred to as the third molars these late forming teeth may not have enough space in which to erupt, causing problems in functioning and cleansing. The lack of space in which the wisdom tooth arises may result in malocclusion and some difficulty to overall dental health. A flap of gum tissue may grow over the partially erupted wisdom tooth that allows food to get trapped and cause gum infections in the long run. If your jaw is too narrow to allow the wisdom tooth adequate space to develop, they may become impacted and not be able to erupt through your gums.

Wisdom teeth often do not cause problems but the symptoms that indicate they may need removal include:

Pain or stiffness in the jaw at the area of the impacted tooth
Crowding of other teeth
Tooth decay caused by insufficient dental hygiene to the wisdom tooth
Infection of the flap of tissue that may form over an impacted tooth

There are several types of impactions of the wisdom tooth that may arise in the need to extract them through dental oral surgery:

Soft Tissue Impactions – Occurs when there is not enough room for the gum tissue to retract in order for the proper cleaning of the wisdom tooth.
Partial Bony Impactions – Only partial eruption of the wisdom tooth can occur. The teeth cannot be useful for chewing and again it is difficult to keep them clean.
Complete Bony Impactions – Occurs when there is no space for the tooth to erupt resulting in the tooth remaining below the jawbone or being just partially visible. The removal would require complex extraction techniques.

Removing wisdom teeth can help in improving overall health of the gums and result in fewer cases of periodontal disease. A patient may exhibit no symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth. A special x-ray of the mouth and jaws would conclude whether the wisdom teeth are impacted and need removal by dental oral surgery.

When you have problems biting or chewing, or if your lower teeth hit the roof of your mouth during eating causing discomfort or if your teeth are showing abnormal wear and tear you might require some form of dental oral surgery . Butler, PA residents can receive consultation and treatment from experienced professionals in their area.

Dental Oral Surgery Butler, PAIf you are looking for dental oral surgery, Butler, PA based Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery offers a wide range of services at three conveniently located offices.

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