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Getting To Know An Oral Surgeon

Getting To Know An Oral Surgeon

Medicine is a broad profession. It has many branches and specialties. Each physician that specializes in a certain branch has his or her own title. For example, doctors who treat patients with end stage renal failure are called nephrologists. Doctors who treat patients with heart problems are known as cardiologists. Moreover, doctors who perform surgical procedures are popularly known as surgeons. Surgeons have different classifications as well. You have the orthopaedic surgeons, who focus on repairing fracture bones. You also have the plastic surgeon, who is more into cosmetic surgery. Lastly, you have the oral surgeon.

What is an oral surgeon?
These dentists perform surgical procedures involving the face, the jaw, and other surrounding structures. Those who are in an accident and wound up with broken jaws or fracture cheekbones are often referred to these surgeons. However, the do not just fix broken bones they also diagnose common diseases that affect these areas as well as perform aesthetic procedures like the application of a prosthetic jaw or check bone in order to improve the patient’s appearance.

What are the common conditions treated by an oral surgeon?
Numerous conditions fall under the scope of oral surgery. Examples of which include impacted wisdom teeth, misaligned jaws, accident related facial and jaw injuries, and tumours and cysts on the jaws, face, and neck.
This type of surgeons also handles conditions that often result to facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate, abnormal bone growth on the face, and temporomadibular joint disorders.

What are the procedures that can be performed by an oral surgeon?
Oral surgeons can perform a wide range of procedures in order to repair deformities, to provide relief, and to diagnose.
Here are some of the procedures:
Facial Trauma Repair

Oral surgeons, in cases of facial injuries, carry out this procedure.

This procedure may include the repair of severe facial lacerations or cuts, repairing fracture jaws and other facial bones, and reconnecting facial nerves and ducts that were severed during the accident. This type of procedure involves the manipulation and care of facial tissues, muscles, nerves, and facial bones.

Impacted Teeth Removal with the administration of Anesthesia
The wisdom tooth is the most popular impacted tooth. When impaction occurs, there is the need to remove this tooth in order to relieve pain. If left alone, the pain may never survive. Since removing impacted tooth is considered a surgical procedure, oral surgeons will have to administer anesthetics.

Reconstructive Surgery

Oral surgeons perform this procedure in order to restore function to certain facial parts. Reconstructive surgery is done in patients with cleft lip or palate or in patients with a broken jaw. This may involve the use of tissues, bones, and nerves harvested from other areas in the body like the thigh, leg or arm.

This procedure may also involve the procedure of setting dental implants as replacement for missing teeth. However, in this procedure, oral surgeons have to work hand in hand with restorative dentists.

These are just some of the procedures that oral surgeons perform. In addition to these procedures, they are also capable of diagnosing malignant conditions that involve the various facial parts.

Now, if you feel like it is time to get rid of that impacted wisdom tooth or have that broken jaw repaired, do not hesitate to set an appointment with the nearest oral surgeon.

An oral surgeon can assist you on the path toward a beautiful smile. Using one day dental implants with both knowledge and experience to get rid of misalignment and provide better oral health.

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